Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Project 365

At the beginning of 2009, I started a new challenge: Project 365. For those of you who don't know what this is, I'll explain! You at least 1 photo a day, for a whole year, and post them somewhere for the everyone to see! I've been posting my photos on Facebook, but I decided I'll post them on here now too! So this post is going to be all of the photos I have taken so far, and from now on, I'll update you daily!
Ok, here it goes!!
1-2-09 I have 2 for today!!

1-2-09 I am now 4 out of 4...Masterpiece Champ!

1-3-09 My brother aka Tom Selleck

1-4-09 Just 1 of the new jewelry packaging I've been working on!

1-5-09 I got the most random fortune cookie fortune today...

1-6-09 My ADORABLE new purse that came in the mail today!!! Zack got me a Made By Hank gift card for Christmas!! He's the greatest!

The back! This is why everyone should Buy Handmade!!!


1-8-09 Back in Emporia...and now I have to unpack and put all of this away...EEEK!!

1-9-09 Our little tree at our's coming down today!

1-10-09 My new book! The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build, or Manage a Business

1-11-09 We bought a bookshelf because my art/craft supplies are taking over the apartment. I don't think Zack enjoyed putting it together...sorry honey!

1-12-09 So a few weeks ago we had a flat tire on my car and Zack took it into the Wal Mart auto place to get it fixed...I found the receipt today...and I giggled when I read the name they put on it...Jackary Newman!

1-13-09 We made pasta for dinner!!

1-14-09 We went to a Small Business Workshop in Burlington tonight and ate at a local resturant called "Across the Border"...there were animal heads all over the walls, a Spongebob pinata hanging from the ceiling, and an older gentleman playing Barry White on his electric guitar. It was interesting to say the least!

1-15-09 A feather from my peacock vase!

1-16-09 I finally got out the new necklace stand that my mom got me for Christmas...and put one of my necklace creations on it!

1-17-09 I've been working together vintage fun packs for my Simple Splendor Retro...which include a few buttons from my collection!

1-18-09 One of the many video game faces of Zack. I always giggle at him when he's playing video games, because his face constantly moves into different's quite comical!


1-20-09 Zackie doing dishes in the Packers apron my mom made him!! It's a very manly apron...

1-21-09 On our antique adventures in Topeka, we bought a 70's set of Lincoln logs...this is the House I built...Zack said it was an HGTV house :)

1-22-09 Here's my loot of vintage jewelry from out antique adventures yesterday! I got all of these in a bag for $6, minus 3 was my bargain of the day!!

1-23-09 Zack bought the Dune boardgame...he's in a mystical world... :)

1-24-09 I've been working on some new projects!! They aren't done, as I have to finish them off (cut off and glue excess fabric), but they are embroidered wall art! Coming to soon!!

1-24-09 A little close up for you!

1-25-09 Poor Zackie spent the whole day doing homework...

1-26-09 My new hair cut!!

1-27-09 Afternoon nap

1-28-09 I got this really cool Mona Lisa Cameo at my favorite thrift store. I searched the net and couldn't really find anything like it...maybe I found a gem!

1-29-09 A vintage wedding hat that I'll be putting on Simple Splendor Retro soon!

1-30-09 Zackie...doing MORE homework!

1-31-09Mom and Matt came to visit!! We were playing Farkle...Matt doesn't think it's as cool as I do...

2-1-09 One of Zackie's favorite designs of mine!

2-2-09 Chuck was in 3D!

2-3-09 For those American Idol fans...Josiah Lemings E.P....PLUS an autographed booklet! I ordered this for Zack, because he's still whinning that Josiah didn't make it to the top 24 last season!