Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Project 365

At the beginning of 2009, I started a new challenge: Project 365. For those of you who don't know what this is, I'll explain! You at least 1 photo a day, for a whole year, and post them somewhere for the everyone to see! I've been posting my photos on Facebook, but I decided I'll post them on here now too! So this post is going to be all of the photos I have taken so far, and from now on, I'll update you daily!
Ok, here it goes!!
1-2-09 I have 2 for today!!

1-2-09 I am now 4 out of 4...Masterpiece Champ!

1-3-09 My brother aka Tom Selleck

1-4-09 Just 1 of the new jewelry packaging I've been working on!

1-5-09 I got the most random fortune cookie fortune today...

1-6-09 My ADORABLE new purse that came in the mail today!!! Zack got me a Made By Hank gift card for Christmas!! He's the greatest!

The back! This is why everyone should Buy Handmade!!!


1-8-09 Back in Emporia...and now I have to unpack and put all of this away...EEEK!!

1-9-09 Our little tree at our's coming down today!

1-10-09 My new book! The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Build, or Manage a Business

1-11-09 We bought a bookshelf because my art/craft supplies are taking over the apartment. I don't think Zack enjoyed putting it together...sorry honey!

1-12-09 So a few weeks ago we had a flat tire on my car and Zack took it into the Wal Mart auto place to get it fixed...I found the receipt today...and I giggled when I read the name they put on it...Jackary Newman!

1-13-09 We made pasta for dinner!!

1-14-09 We went to a Small Business Workshop in Burlington tonight and ate at a local resturant called "Across the Border"...there were animal heads all over the walls, a Spongebob pinata hanging from the ceiling, and an older gentleman playing Barry White on his electric guitar. It was interesting to say the least!

1-15-09 A feather from my peacock vase!

1-16-09 I finally got out the new necklace stand that my mom got me for Christmas...and put one of my necklace creations on it!

1-17-09 I've been working together vintage fun packs for my Simple Splendor Retro...which include a few buttons from my collection!

1-18-09 One of the many video game faces of Zack. I always giggle at him when he's playing video games, because his face constantly moves into different's quite comical!


1-20-09 Zackie doing dishes in the Packers apron my mom made him!! It's a very manly apron...

1-21-09 On our antique adventures in Topeka, we bought a 70's set of Lincoln logs...this is the House I built...Zack said it was an HGTV house :)

1-22-09 Here's my loot of vintage jewelry from out antique adventures yesterday! I got all of these in a bag for $6, minus 3 was my bargain of the day!!

1-23-09 Zack bought the Dune boardgame...he's in a mystical world... :)

1-24-09 I've been working on some new projects!! They aren't done, as I have to finish them off (cut off and glue excess fabric), but they are embroidered wall art! Coming to soon!!

1-24-09 A little close up for you!

1-25-09 Poor Zackie spent the whole day doing homework...

1-26-09 My new hair cut!!

1-27-09 Afternoon nap

1-28-09 I got this really cool Mona Lisa Cameo at my favorite thrift store. I searched the net and couldn't really find anything like it...maybe I found a gem!

1-29-09 A vintage wedding hat that I'll be putting on Simple Splendor Retro soon!

1-30-09 Zackie...doing MORE homework!

1-31-09Mom and Matt came to visit!! We were playing Farkle...Matt doesn't think it's as cool as I do...

2-1-09 One of Zackie's favorite designs of mine!

2-2-09 Chuck was in 3D!

2-3-09 For those American Idol fans...Josiah Lemings E.P....PLUS an autographed booklet! I ordered this for Zack, because he's still whinning that Josiah didn't make it to the top 24 last season!


lauren bacchus said...

yay for sharing all of these super cute pictures!